Top Social Media Sites For Small Business

Social media is on all lips and you naturally want to be in the game. Good decision since small business or not everyone is using social media and being the exception could very well work against you. So we have decided to help you know which social network is made for you and how to use it. Your choice of social network will be affected by 2 main factors; what kind of business you have and who are your clients since let us be honest and admit that all this is to get clients! Also, are you trying to promote your business(will your username be your business name) or are you promoting yourself to benefit the business later? Are you the I-Care-Tons-For-My-Clients kind or the I-Am-So-Unique-Clients-Are-After-Me kind? Are your clients foreign or local? Is your targeted customers part of mass market or niche market? We advise the 5 following social network sites for the detailed reasons below: * Facebook Should we even explain why? Facebook is great for everyone but you are probably asking why for you. Well by using facebook you will get to promote yourself as a business owner and we all know how important goodwill is for small businesses. You will also get to create a fanpage bearing your firms name and increase your popularity by getting fans. You can even advertise by paying a relatively small fee or by paying per click. You can talk about the mission of your business or post pictures of your new products. * Twitter Via short updates messages you can share a few words and include a link for your followers to hit if they want to know more. This is great since they dont get bored by the view of things they judge uninteresting and instead get to choose. It is very easy and quick to get registered on Twitter and you will only need to concentrate on sharing good content. * Youtube Youtube is more than music, Youtube is videos. Post videos of you sharing marketing tips, of your team giving a conference or simply a thank you message to all your clients. You can also show your products with a nice tune playing in the background. People who like your content will add you as friend and subscribe to your channel. * Classmates Have you ever noticed how we tend to think people we know will give us better service? You smile at a salesperson thinking hell give you insider tips; you buy from your neighbor believing hell be there if ever the product goes off beam. Well you are not alone. We like to buy from people we know and Classmates understood it. This site makes it possible for you to get back with old friends or contacts and strike deals. * Badoo If you have European clients Badoo is ideal for you. This site is quickly becoming the premier social networking site in England and beyond. Its a great way of taking your business global, especially if you are selling a product that is not widely available in Europe and you are willing to familiarize yourself with the travails of running an international business. Remember that using a coachs services can help remain up-to-date and best decide what to do yourself and what to outsource. Choose a professional with good reviews if you are not sure where you are heading. Article Source: http://www.articlesnatch.com

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