My first payment from Readbud

Today I got good news from Paypal via email message. Paypal telling me that my paypal account has received additional funds amounting to $50,Those funds are transferred by Readbud Admin Manager. I was so happy that day Readbud was acctually paying me. Have you known about Readbud? If you want to know about Readbud,Keep reading this article. Read bud is a site that provides articles that interest to you to be readed and rated,Every articles that has been readed and rated Readbud will provide a fee of about $0.3 to $0.10 per article and each day we will get 10 to 12 articles. Our job is only to read and giving a rate on articles that provided by Readbud,facilitates how it work! If your income has reached $50 you may drawing it to your paypal account,your readbud funds will go to your paypal account in 2 to 3 days. Except you get paid from reading and rating articles,you can also get paid more by referring your friends,you will get $5 from every friend you invite. If you interested to join Image link below. readbud - get paid to read and rate articles

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